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Fluid width and logo alignment

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    OK then we are getting somewhere, right! LOL
    You will have to adjust the "right" to something like "500" or "475" to get it over to the right some. The "right" is basically a padding from the right. Take the number down and it will move your image to the right..take the number up and it will move the image left..

    One other thing to consider is that the banner to the left of the small image on top changes its height. This is going to hide a small portion of the bottom of the small image behind the large image below it when the banner to the left on top changes its height.
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      I had to bring it down to 190 but it worked! Thanks so much!

      And yes, the 468x60 banner is of isue and we're switching them all over to 728x90. So that should resolve that.

      Much appreciated!!
      Eat Your Veggies


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        No problem, sorry it took so much work to get what you wanted! I'm glad it worked for you.


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