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How to remove vBulletin logo from my header

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  • How to remove vBulletin logo from my header

    I'm sorry to ask such a pathetically elementary question, but how would I remove the vBulletin logo from the header on my forum?

    This will be my very first effort to modify anything in my brand-new forum.

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    Well, I actually managed to do that myself, by a bit of trial-and-error.

    What I would really love would be some advice on how to teach myself about design and styles. At this point, I don't really want to do anything fancy -- just install a banner, I suppose; and change some colors.

    What would be a good way to teach myself very basic design stuff? (Do I really have to read the manual???)


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      No - the vBulletin manual will not teach you much of anything about design. The best way to learn design would be by trial and error basically. There are many graphics programs available for purchase and free download - Google "graphics program" --- I've heard people say GIMP is a nice, free application. Download and install it. Play around with it until you've reached the desired effect

      A couple other alternatives:
      • Try - There is a myriad of free styles you might find suitable for your vB Forum.
      • Hire a designer who you can consult with for your custom header design


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