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What's the best way to change the colors of buttons in photoshop?

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  • What's the best way to change the colors of buttons in photoshop?

    What's the best way in Photoshop to change the colors of buttons from the GDK to match the colors of a custom style?


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    The best way is to save the style(just click the "new style" button in layer style panel), and apply back the style from the window>styles panel. This way you can save time applying the same style to all the buttons.

    style is collection of effect(fx) you have applied to the layer/shape/text etc.
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      If your going to re-colour the default button set and icons you want to do this properly. You'll first need to re-size the graphics in the large layered GDK pack as this will allow you to place the adjustment layers (the feature that will allow the re-colouring of the graphics to your choice.

      There are various ways to go around this but the main two is you can use the hue & saturation feature, as the title states it will re-colour the buttons but they will appear duller but you'll have to tinker to adjust for your preference.

      The other method is using the Colour Balance. This feature gives the re-colouring more vibrant and more contrast to the colours you want. Bare in mind, placing these adjustment layers is vital if you only want to re-colour the base of the buttons and not the icons (like the paper, or white areas) as this will have an undesirable effect so placements is important as is masking so your not adding adjustment layers to the background but only to the image itself otherwise you'll gain redundant edging on the graphics.

      There are other ways of re-colouring but seeing as you asked I thought i would point out the two easiest methods of re-colouring the graphics of the vbulletin GDK. Remember, for a higher quality visual appearance work with the layered GDK, it'll require more work with re-sizing the buttons & graphics but the overall visual appearance is of higher quality. - Free Premade custom Smiley sets, Button Sets, Ranks and more...


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