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    Well, although dsaid I wouldn't post anymore. Just a note. You said you know the law. Well, every country has it's own law. Any company can relay on the law in its country, doesn't matter whether it makes business over the internet. So, e.g. in Switzerland, if you bought a product, you made a contract. The contract is actually the receipt you get. NO STORE in Switzerland is required to take a product back if it's fully working. If they take sth back "because you don't like it" it's just customer service. Same goes for software and there even more. For me, the same applies to the internet. If you buy software from the internet, in most cases you can try it or have a look at it (like here on vBulletin, you can even test it out on thetest forum). If you buy a software package in the store, in most cases you need to believe what's written on the package and can't test it.
    Well, that's just for your info. You can't tell me that I have no idea about law. Ok, I may don't know about the US law, but I know sth about swiss law...


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      First of all, as you know now because you have been told by many people, vB is a piece of software. It is designed to allow people to run forums without having to learn php/mySQL to a great degree and allow customisations.

      However, vB isn't a product which lets people who DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING about HTML or graphics put together a website. It comes with a default style of this site - and if you were actually compitent in providing community based solutions to many people you wouldn't be:[list=1][*] Raging about a piece of software you think is crap because of your own inability to learn HTML or use a graphics program.[*] The right person to host/run a community as you are ignorant and hostile - it would never get off the ground anyway, and I wouldn't visit a site ran by a tit like you.[*] Otherwise, I strongly suggest Ultimate Bulletin Board, phpBB, WWWThreads (Now Ubbthreads I think), or any other piece of forum software. You should be able to find a complete list at (for cgi boards) or (for php boards).[/list=1]

      Then, let me know how many of these offer, template systems. Then out of these, let me know how many offer more that 1 decent template. If you have a piece of software to compare this against you might have a leg to stand on. Otherwise, I suggest you disapear because nobody will want to help you in the future.
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        Okay, now I know never to PO Martz....
        There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't


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          Your a real class act. Go get yourself another drink.


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            To address your problems one by one:

            Nowhere do we state that templates other than the default set come with vBulletin. We had originally hoped to get a few other template sets out but it was not practical to do so.

            As Steve said, James has been ill for the past week or so. He's on the mend now, but he will obviously come back to a mound of email waiting to be replied to. We don't have access to his mail so we can't help if you mailed him.

            Please could you forward me ([email protected]) the message you sent to [email protected]. I will take a look at your problem as soon as I can, and if I cannot fix it I will make sure it gets priority from someone who can.

            If John was online now I would ask him to deal with this....however he isn't and I feel that this needs attention now.

            To everyone: Please keep this thread calm, or we will have to close it and revert to discussion via email instead. Thank you.


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              James, this is his complaint:

              Well; In my opinion, it wouldn't hurt if vBulletin put a few templates for those that purchased their product could use. It's simple to say that it's the default template and all, but I just bought a year of the board for $85 US and it is basic in it's option for customization. Hell I've seen better on most beta boards that are free.

              How do I get my money back here? Does anyone know the answer to this? I would rather use someones beta board for free that has a strong user support then pay for this one and get a very basic template that comes with it.

              I would like my money back.
              He wants his money back because he finds the design "basic" and that HE thought it promised more "templates" to choose from.
              It doesn't suit his "design" needs.
              There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't


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                What I don't understand is why he bought the software without first checking to make sure it had all the features he wanted. A simple question on these forums would have told him that it's supplied with the default configuration only, and that this forum is running this configuration.

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                  could everyone just stop answering fredzeppelins posts and let him sort it out with his email it's obvious he won't listen to any logical steps he needs to take and i myself would love to have just a few hours without another one of his posts which all contain somewhat of the same text showing up on view new posts

                  thank you
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