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    see i am gonna set up a site dedicated to final fantasy. how do i make a bar appear beneath the avatar instead of the no. of posts thing. i want a bar to appear so that the following might happen:

    for every 100 posts:

    level increases by 1
    hp increases by 100
    bar increases a little bit

    heres an example that will make you understand:

    (after 100 posts)
    Level 1
    Hp 500/500
    a red bar indicating hp as a life bar i e say 500/9999

    (after 200 posts)
    Level 2
    HP 1000/1000
    a red bar indicating hp as a life bar i.e. 100/9999

    well any hope

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    I'd say it's perfectly possible. Just get one of those 'stars' hacks, and replace the star images with different lengths of the bar.

    Then, make as many ranks as you want, in the main vB config... but instead of names like 'Junior Member', do stuff like 'Level 1', 'Level 2', etc.

    I'm not sure about showing the HP number though. You may have ot just put it in the bar image.


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      Its probably better to chuck this into the hacks requests, im sure someone over there will have a fair idea on what to do


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        The_Otherside, please enter your license information in your profile. See the link in my sig for more info. Thanks!


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