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  • A slight request :D

    I've noticed when I have been cruising around here that some people are using the buttons that I currently let you all have for "free". I was just hoping that if you use them you could throw me a PM or an email saying thank you.

    I mean I dont think its that much to ask but it makes me feel as though my work is atleast appreciated..

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    I thought about a similar request for Vbutton, but in the end decided not to bother. The number of downloads speaks for itself.

    Now what I'd really like to see would be a way to get your wicked, brilliant, superb, amazing, fantastic, awesome, dazzling, exceptional, inspired, wonderful, fabulous, tremendous, magnificent, splendid, terrific XP icons/buttons into Vbutton.

    I could start a poll but the i'm sure everybody would say yes.

    I'd actually like to use them myself but the current colours don't quite fit in.

    PS. Did I mention I liked your XP buttons


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      I said it once, and I will again
      the blue XP set rox.
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        Thanks guys . I saw the # of downloads but I wasnt getting any comments or pms , so I thought no one liked them or something.

        I see people using them but they never pm or email saying they liked them or something.

        Anyway thanks again everyone
        Board of the Month: November
        Websites: Pixeljunction ,
        Button Sets: XP and Aqua Button sets! FREE!
        vB Customization: My sig is now vbulletin compliant. Contact me to make yours compliant too!


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          well, now you know why the mood hack will be my last hack released here.
          All i asked for was some feedback, but i guess that was to much.


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            I love it tora!
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              People, shessh heh jk.

              You should submit the hack once we get up. Are you going to?? We are hoping to build a community there, where people comment on stuff
              Board of the Month: November
              Websites: Pixeljunction ,
              Button Sets: XP and Aqua Button sets! FREE!
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                To be honest, I have commitments to snyx's and BradC's sites first and foremost, however, Im sure there can be some sort of compromise made in the future. The mood hack as it is presently released, is stable, secure, has no bugs, and has a nice streamlined style to it compliments of gwynars unique coding. The added goodies that will be added to the hack are going to be a welcome change to the hack, and honestly, i cannot see giving them away. Things such as a nesting code, (for those who use it in thier post bit display, if a person does not add a mood, it does not show anything in the post bit area) pop up, even a style sheet are completed, or in the works. '
                Before I am stoned to death here with complaints to my new line of thinking, please remember that from the time I released the beta version, to its now released state, I had signed up on close to 30 sites, spent 27 hours on my one day off, ( day off, 3 hours into the day i had to work...) providing help to people who were either using windows servers, removing chunks of code that were NOT to be removed as stated four times in the instructions, basically not reading the instructions, or wanting me to set it up for them free of charge, (which i did do for a couple of good freinds, or members here at vb) while making changes to the script with the help of gwynar, emailing multiple zipped files of my collected smilies on the net to people that requested them, (close to 75 smilies i believe) while providing support in the form of a trouble shooting guide posted here at VB that was not read along with the instructions that i sent with, on top of three months of testing, retesting, adding current features, and other forms of scripting bliss that could not of happened without gwynar, and all that i asked was some feedback. That was it...and what you see in the mood hack release thread, should prove that after 148 downloads, with just one problem reported, (user error)
                I could at least get some sort of "thank you".

                No, i dont think I am asking for to much, nor do i think that my time is that precious...
                If a "thanks" is to much to ask for all of the things that were done to provide the mood hack, than Im going with the inevatable trend of "pay" for the hack, and services, and upgrades.
                Im all for Free source, and the general concensus of sharing, but when there is only feedback from the guys who basically beta tested it for me...than there is no sense in giving anything away if i cant even get a "thank you" or a "go to hell" from the other 130 people that downloaded it.

                Graphics is the same way. I see no reason what-so-ever to sit and create buttons for two hours only to have somebody download them, and not even send you a thank you.
                Believe me when i say, i sat for close to 4 hours fixing up my graphics when i first bought vb, and it was one tedious mother of a task. The least people could do, is thank you for the hard work, the expense of running a costly graphics program to achieve those unique looks (you are not going to get those results using fricken windows paint) and the basic premise of saving the "customer" anywhere from a day, to a week in graphics hell.

                My thoughts and opinons have shifted during my time here at VB, and basically, i look at it now as everyman for himself. If you want it, you buy it.

                I see no reason at all to provide hacks to people who cant even say thank you. Call me a *******, call me what you will, but my thought process remains the same, and will not change no matter how much i get *****ed at for posting this.
                I say thanks to the guys who provide hacks here, even if i havent downloaded the hack itself.....appreciation is more than self gratification.

                ok, im stepping off this soapbox. good luck on the site Sinecure
                and i do mean that. i will bring over the mood hack as it is released here, and provide support for it if people have troubles with it, or you yourself can snap him up and add it over there with my permission, but the add ons, well..they are going to be another story.


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                  MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

                  Sinecure-i dont even USE your buttons-but they are without a doubt the best ive seen to date-NICE WORK!!

                  ToraTora-i LOVE the mood hack!!

                  Even better was your TIME and EFFORT-responding to me and others who had a little trouble getting it running!!!!!!

                  Thanks Guys...


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                    yupp, im with tora on this one
                    (great post btw)
           will sell all my current styles (to be relased)
                    and offer hacks, support, and more, for many forums, not just vB
                    watch out for it within the next few weeks.
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                      I don't have a board, but I love the buttons, I have to hang out until I can come up with $160, it is not easy for me. I would really like to have one but there is not way I can cough up that much, my net connection is $40 a month and that takes it


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                        I spoke with you on icq saying how I like your buttons.

                        But will say it again.

                        Yes! those buttons sets Rocks! Thanks again.

                        And Tora though I haven't downloaded the mood hack yet due to reasons I PM you about.
                        Yes I agreed with what you said.
                        After spending so many hours and effort on that hack, it's sick to the stomach if ppl just took it for granted, downloaded it without saying a word of thanks.
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                          FFS not another self praise post please.

                          Begging for praise is a little lame dont you think.

                          This is off topic cos this is a vBulletin Graphics and Styles forum and not a sinecure button apreciation forum.

                          Please end the sucking up I feel rather sick.



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