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Highlighting Board Names When There is New Activity?

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  • Highlighting Board Names When There is New Activity?

    First, I did a search for this (here and .org) but couldn't find anything similar to what I want to do.

    So... I have a new site with a lot of boards in the forum. Rather than list them all out in an expanded format, I have nested them and keep them hidden, so that they appear like this:

    All of the words above are links with Northern Oregon taking you to a forum with all of those listed as subforums (Adventist, Benson, Cascade Gateway, etc.) and the names of the courses themselves being links to that particular board.

    What I would like to do is make it so that when there are new posts in one of these boards since a last visit, that the title would be a different color. So, for example, I come back to the forum and someone has posted a new post in Trojan, it will look like this:

    Here is a link to the board in case it is needed for reference:

    Is there something already in place that would allow me to do this or does someone know of a quick hack to make this work?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    This is a default feature actually. In the default style the sub forums 'light up' if there is new content. You could perhaps use that code to check against, and make the sub forum bold.


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      Right... but the names of the subforums - and the links to each - are in the description of their parent board. This is not a feature as I added it.

      I am really trying to combine two pages on the front page - the front page and the parent board.

      Does this make any sense?


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        I understand, but the variable might be able to be used in a conditional
        <if condition="$that[variable] == 'whatyouwant'"><strong>$content</strong><else />$content</if>


        widgetinstance 262 (Related Topics) skipped due to lack of content & hide_module_if_empty option.