No announcement yet. it is..FINALLY! Let me know. :)

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  • it is..FINALLY! Let me know. :)

    It took me and a crew of 3 others to finally put our site up with some "interesting" changes.
    There is only one hack installed: Avatar Categories (oddly enough we have over 1200 avatars), but we have altered the headers extensively to add Flash interactivity.

    There are 7 user selectable styles (techinically with the default Havoc: Steel).

    Take a gander and remember, critiscm is definitely welcome.

    FYI: we are moving our domain to a different set of name servers, hence the IP apologies.

    Hour of Havoc

    My apologies if this is in the improper forum. :/
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    a great looking forum withe a nice set of colors.

    and I definitively like your logo

    What tools did you used in order to make it (swhish , flash ,etc...) ?
    and for the spinning 3d object ?



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      looks nice man, you worked the flash into it very well, and calling the numbers into the top right of your swf file (as easy as it is) looks very pro.
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        I dont normally bother to praise people but that is an excellent looking board! Well done!


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          We used Flash, Swift 3D, and SWFX for the header/animation items.

          We placed php variables inside our embed src for the flash header and called those variables from within flash (ie: Total Posts, Total Threads, etc).

          Right now we are in the process of implementing php portal and would appreciate any suggestions one might have on really taking these boards to a more professional level (depsite the content..hehe).


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            Yes. Nice board. My next forum is going to using flash. Hopefully I can come out as clean as yours did.


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              I'm eager to see that...c-pr0mpt

              also, I'm FleZ...


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                very nice!

                hey.. i always wanted to know how people do that special (I think it's masking) on your havoc logo. It's like a faded MASK... correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe you can point me in the right direction on how you did that. Thanks.. and nice website!

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                  Masking made easy.

                  My suggestion would be to venture over to and take a look at their tutorials.

                  Thanks for the great words of praise...

                  If you'd like to see an update integration with PHP Portal...go here:



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                    GJ once again. Although, my suggestion is to fit the boards to a certain length (length of header). I use a res of 1280 by 960, and the header is obviously way smaller than the tables below.

                    This isn't bad at all if you want it that way, but Im sure you would agree its alot cleaner when its all equal in length.


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