removing views/replies totals?

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  • TotalBS
    Senior Member
    • Apr 2000
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    • 4.2.X

    removing views/replies totals?

    I'd like to remove the Total 'Posts' and 'Replies' and views from my board for now. (the board is still small, so I don't want too many "2 Posts" showing right away)

    I started playing with the templates, trying to use a new "TestTemplates" in an inactive forum. Example, I created new templates called testforumdisplay, testforumdisplaybit, etc. I then changed the templates just for that one forum.

    In forumdisplay, it seemed to get rid of the 'replies and views' by simply remarking the <td>s out, but for some reason the paths to the graphics and the showthread.php seem to be off. They seem to point to the root, instead of /forums/ path.

    Any ideas why the path seemed to have changed?

    Also, What templates need to be changed for what I want to do? I assume the ForumHome and ForumBit for home page, and ForumDisplay and ForumDisplayBit for display. Anything else?

    Last time I tried it, I got messed up columns and table widths. (and I wish FrontPage didn't add tags to confuse things.)
    Brian Shea (G+) and
  • TotalBS
    Senior Member
    • Apr 2000
    • 138
    • 4.2.X

    As is typical with my questions... I figured it out. I end up having a bit of a block and can't think of why I get my errors, ask the question, and then while waiting for an answer, I figure it out.

    All I did was comment out the data cells for these items.

    <!-- <td> blah blah "replies" blah blah </td> -->

    This is done in:

    Brian Shea (G+) and


    • bob_pitbull
      • Jul 2001
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      I would also like to remove the "views" tab and the "thread ratings" tab from the threads views, is there a good way to do this? Possibly also the "replies" tab from the forums view, as this seems irrelevant for my forum..


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