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  • This little utility was such a must have I actually got my employer to update to 6.0 just so I could get it! It has worked flawlessly ever since and I express a HUGE thank you to Delhaze for making it.


    • I also gave you credit in the copyright on my new forums opening soon.


      • That's nice, but not neccessary.

        Credit and links etc is not what i'm about.

        I do it for fun, because I can, and because some others can't.

        If anyone wants to say thanks then fine, but maybe they should send it elsewhere, as some children seem to need it more than I.
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        • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so glad others feel the way I do.

          PS>The credit is staying though.


          • Outstanding!
            You just saved me a great amount of time! Thank you.
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            • darnit i need to use this but it wont work.

              I have windows xp professional and i think that the installer or whatever it is is like out of date


              • Works fine for me on WinXp Pro.


                • Originally posted by rmusic
                  darnit i need to use this but it wont work.

                  I have windows xp professional and i think that the installer or whatever it is is like out of date
                  There is no installer ?

                  It works fine on XP Pro, I run the online version on it as well.

                  Can you give further details please?


                  • Hey Del is there any plans to add the changing of the little images on the buttons? For instance they are all beigy yellow. Would love an added choice to change that color as well.

                    Regardless, still an awesome tool.


                    • works like a charm now.

                      i cant figure out what was wrong


                      • Originally posted by almighty one
                        i wsh someone could explain to me how to take a button of any givin one in the kit and edit it to say what i want it to say i have photoshop 6.01 i have paintshop pro 7 i have about anything one could need for editing if i go to my friends house so could soemone please tell me how to take a button and edit the text manually some of the larger buttons i want to edit text on thanx alot
                        • Open PS, open the button psd file you want to edit.
                        • On the right is a layers box, click the layer with the text to make it active.
                        • Then click the *T* in the tools panel to activate the text tool.
                        • Hover your pointer over the text untill you see a cursor, highlight the text and overtype with whatever.
                        • Click the pointer in the tools panel to de-activate the text tool when you are finished.
                        • Click "save for the web" select gif format and you're done.

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                        • suggestion

                          i tried this yesterday for the first time and i have to say that it's one of those rare simple tools that make you say out loud (even if ur alone in the room), "this is so cool!" i couldn't believe that i was making different color button sets in less than a minute each!

                          thanks delhaze!

                          one suggestion tho.. i noticed that when using a dark color for text, the dark drop-shadow makes the text hard to read. can you give the option to change the drop-shadow color or turn it off? both would be even better..


                          • and where would i find this ?? VB Graphics Kit ???


                            • no, like somewhere around page 2
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                              • DOH they were in the members Area .. I mean it's not as i've not been in there huge amounts of times


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