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i share my BB codes...

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  • lol i wasn't being sarcastic
    Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


    • Just a bump

      I am bumping this thread, I am doing it for the people who missed out on this this is a great thing for the users, that are new.
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      • Originally posted by Maxsteel
        I am bumping this thread, I am doing it for the people who missed out on this this is a great thing for the users, that are new.
        this is a very good thread


        • Great.
          I'll may use a couple of those effects.
          But embed and iframe...
          I don't think I want to allow users to have those.


          • Excellent thread. I've put a couple of these on my forums (modified some, like the glow to allow the color to be the parameter). Thanks guys.


            • BB Wave tag

              Hopefully this has not been posted before...

              vB Code tag:


              vB Code replacement:
              <table style="filter:wave(strength={option})">{param}</table>
              vB Code example:

              [wave=2]this text is wavy[/wave]

              Use {option} ?:



              • Button

                Example - [button=]Click Me![/button]

                Replacement -
                <FORM><INPUT TYPE="button" value="{param}" Name="Button" onClick="window.location='{option}'"></FORM>
                Invert Image

                Example - [invertimg][/invertimg]

                Replacement -
                <div style="width=100%; FILTER: Invert"><img src="{param}";></div>

                Example - [alpha=25, style=1][/alpha]

                Replacement -
                <div style="width=100%; filter:alpha(opacity={option}, style={option}, startx=0, starty=0, finishx=10, finishy=10)";><img src="{param}"></div>
                Just a few others that work...


                • in window vb code

                  Hey Ozone, nice work. Very nice.

                  Had one question on the inwindow vb code

                  (<div align=center><iframe name="cwindow" style="border:0" width=500 height={option} src="http://{param}"></iframe>)

                  I'm using it to have a QuickTime viewer show in my thread, but I've noticed that even though " border = 0", I've got a border showing up around my "inwindow" box. I'm using a blue html page with QuickTime embedded in it, so that the QT player shows right in the message box. But, you can see the outline, in my blue VB, of the inwindow box. How do I get rid of that???



                  • How many BB codes can be added to our Admin Panel ?

                    I added 6 and now I can't delete an old one or add a new one. I more than likely did something wrong


                    • hummm

                      I tried to add the
                      [swf=""]width="400" height="100"[/swf]
                      code.. however all I get is the above code and a big white box.. where normally the "edit & remove" options are for the BBCodes.. well they arent' there. I have no way of removing or even editing this code now. How would I get rid of it ?



                        ....with 'x' being the bbcode ID of the code you want to remove.
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                        • <DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV>I still can't do anything with the BB section. This is what my screen looks like.
                          Last edited by Teea; Sun 9 Feb '03, 5:25am.


                          • <DIV><DIV>vBcode Definitions<DIV>Bold is replaced with Bold (<b>Bold</b>)</DIV><DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV><DIV>Italics is replaced with Italics (<i>Italics</i>)</DIV><DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV><DIV>[email protected] is replaced with [email protected] (<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>)</DIV><DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV><DIV>Size 1 is replaced with Size 1 (<font size="+1">Size 1</font>)</DIV><DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV><DIV>Underline is replaced with Underline (<u>Underline</u>)</DIV><DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV><DIV>Red! is replaced with Red! (<font color="red">Red!</font>)</DIV><DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV>[glow=4]this text is glowing[/glow] is replaced with this text is glowing (<table style="filter:glow(color=blue, strength=4)">this text is glowing</table>)<DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV>[shadow=#006699]this text drops shadow[/shadow] is replaced with this text drops shadow (<table style="filter:shadow(color=#006699, direction=225)">this text drops shadow</table>)<DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV>[fliph]this text is flipped[/fliph] is replaced with this text is flipped (<table style="filter:flipH">this text is flipped</table>)<DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV>[flipv]flips the text verticaly[/flipv] is replaced with flips the text verticaly (<table style="filter:flipV">flips the text verticaly</table>)<DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV>[invert]inverts the text[/invert] is replaced with inverts the text (<table style="filter:invert">inverts the text</table>)<DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV>[x-ray]give the text a X-ray effect[/x-ray] is replaced with give the text a X-ray effect (<table style="filter:xray">give the text a X-ray effect</table>)<DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV><DIV>[icq]102832316[/icq] is replaced with ICQ:102832316 (<font size=1 color=#003366>ICQ:<a href="">102832316<img src="" border=0></a></font>)</DIV><DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV><DIV>[blur=4]this text is blurred[/blur] is replaced with [blur=4]this text is blurred[/blur] ([blur=4]this text is blurred[/blur])</DIV><DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV><DIV>is replaced with ()</DIV><DIV>[edit] [remove]</DIV>[swf=""]width="400" height="100"[/swf] is replaced with !!!!!


                            • Nuts, the big white box didn't show up. I've tried to "prtscrn" but when I added it , vb said it was too big.

                              You'll notice after the last BB I entered (swf) I have no option to (edit/delete) even when I try to add a new BB code, it won't add anything after that last one (swf)


                              • Anyone able to post the bb code to align an image to the right?


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