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  • Originally posted by Teea
    Nuts, the big white box didn't show up. I've tried to "prtscrn" but when I added it , vb said it was too big.

    You'll notice after the last BB I entered (swf) I have no option to (edit/delete) even when I try to add a new BB code, it won't add anything after that last one (swf)
    I still have the problem. I haven't been able nor had comments on how to go about this.


    • Originally posted by Smoothie
      Anyone able to post the bb code to align an image to the right?
      <div align="right">{param}</div>
      Example - [align=right]text[/align]


      • Thanks for all the BBCodes!!

        They're good! And your instructions are so simple, a complete nimrod with no HTML knowledge can install this!


        • hmm i need code tags for tables
          because when people use the image tag they just end up displaying all the way down the page

          i want to be able to


          just wondering if it can be done in Vbulletin cuz i remember having this code in yabb so i could place pictures right next to each other in posts
          rugs|cheap rugs|modern rugs|shaggy rugs|traditional rugs


          • Make your own vBcodes (BB)

            vB Code tag: NarrowText
            vB Code replacement: <span style="font-family: Arial Narrow, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, Verdana; font-size: 15px; color: {option}; font-variant: small-caps; letter-spacing: 1px;"><b>{param}</b></span>
            vB Code example: [NarrowText=#FC7013]This BB code writes a upper-case narrow text.[/NarrowText]
            vB Code explanation: Uses Arial Narrow. Developded by Marco from
            Use {option}: Yes

            vB Code tag: Acronym
            vB Code replacement: <span style="border-bottom: 1px dashed {option}; cursor: help;">{param}</span>
            vB Code example: [Acronym=#006699]This BB code changes the cursor and title.[/Acronym]
            vB Code explanation: Acronym - descibibing with question cursor help. Developded by Marco from
            Use {option}: Yes

            vB Code tag: Box
            vB Code replacement: <div style="background-color: {option}; width: 300; height: 200; overflow: auto; border: 1 solid black"><font color="000000">{param}</font></div>
            vB Code example: [box=#FFFFFF]Text[/box]
            vB Code explanation: Developded by Marco from
            Use {option}: Yes

            vB Code tag: Glow
            vB Code replacement: <table style="filter:Glow(color=red, strength={option})">{param}</table>
            vB Code example: [glow=1]This BB code makes a 1px glow.[/glow]
            vB Code explanation: Glow 1px in IE4+ only. Developded by Marco from
            Use {option}: Yes


            • Nice stuff, thanks for posting them


              • some of them wont work for me?!
                but thank you for the rest of them. I dont know whether i'll use them or not, but i have the page marked for the future


                • Some typi errors.


                  • heres my contribution:

                    SPOILER TAGS

                    replacement code:

                    <table><tr bgcolor="{option}"><td><font color="{option}" size="2">{param}</font></td></tr></table>
                    [spoiler]If only you could read this text, oh wait, you can![/spoiler]

                    Use {option}? : YES


                    • I can't seem to get this to work- I'm using VB3- here's what I entered- did I screw up? There must be something I'm missing.


                      • Originally posted by D7MeEe
                        Nice stuff, thanks for posting them
                        Nice to see you're having an avatar I made for, heh


                        • You made that av? It's hilarious- and it's made it alllll over the net


                          • Originally posted by Zzed
                            I have another version of the Spoiler tag. This one creates a button with a customizable title, and when you click on it, it pops a dialog box with the spoiler contents.

                            vB Code tag:


                            vB Code replacement:
                            <input type="button" value="{option}" name="B1" onClick="alert('{param}')">
                            vB Code example:

                            [spoiler=Click Here!]This is the spoiler text...[/spoiler]

                            Use {option} ?:


                            See this thread on my site for a working demo:

                            Hope you guys like it.
                            I LOVE this one - however I get a javascript error if the bit of spoiler text has a ' in it somewhere


                            • Sadie Frost vbmenu_register("postmenu_603364", true);

                              Your spoiler is fine


                              • Originally posted by Orfejs
                                Sadie Frost vbmenu_register("postmenu_603364", true);

                                Your spoiler is fine
                                I'm sorry, I'm slow - I don't understand what you mean. Thanks for trying to help though

                                Edit: I figured out you can use &#8217 ; instead of a ' and the popup will work
                                Last edited by Sadie Frost; Sun 1 Feb '04, 1:58pm.


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