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Is it just me - or are some of the PSD's messed up?

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  • Is it just me - or are some of the PSD's messed up?


    I'm trying to put together a graphic set for my site. And I have every image done except the privateevent.gif, the pm_sendreply.gif and the pm_buddyforward.gif files.

    Those are the only ones... because..

    Whenever I try and apply the a different gradient to the gradient layer in those PSD files, the transparent background also gets colored. Almost like the gradient layer was applied over the background layer instead of being separate from it. Does that make sense?

    So if someone managed to fix this, and can make me those to gifs, you would make me extremely happy!

    The Foreground is: #CDE3FC
    The Background is: #1B3F68

    I'll attach one of the graphics that I've gotten done for an exampe - just a plain linear gradient going vertical.

    MUCH Thanks!!!

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    nevermind... the PSD was messed up - the transparency lock was off for some reason....


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      You can get round this if you use the magic wand and select all the clear space holding the shift buttin then go to the top and invert selection, you can then use the gradiant on the selected area.
      I think the transparency lock has not been set on these two buttons so it wasn't your mistake.
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        Figures... LOL

        Its been a while since I used PS - I had PS4 back in the day and then I went to PSP, and then I just got PS6 - so I have to get back to the swing of things with it..


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          How do you put the the transparency lock ON?
          I have the same problem.


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