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    BB...could you please upload or give me the link to the 5.5 version of these actions. We only have photoshop 6 on a MAC...and the actions are giving us some problems on that machine.



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      Here ya go, I haven't got 5.5 on any more so I won't be able to test or edit anything in them For Xbox360 Wii-u PS Vita 3DS iphone ipad Android Devices And More


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        Thanks, I'll give it a shot!


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          Thanks for the cool buttons.

          I know this is probably an annoying questions for you guys that know all this, but I am a newby.

          I downloaded the and they look great. Now how do I install these on my board. I know html, but that is it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

          If there is a link to instructions that would be cool aswell.


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            All you have to do is overwrite the ones you already have in your images folder.
   For Xbox360 Wii-u PS Vita 3DS iphone ipad Android Devices And More


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              At the risk of sounding ignorant. I am going to ask this any way.

              Where do I find the Images folder. I have only had this program for 2 days so I am still learning little by little.

              If you don't mind helping a newbie I would REALLY appreciate it.



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                I don't know what your using to upload but the images folder is found in the main directory.
                If you unzip the buttons connect to your server open the main directory then the images folder, then you need to upload the buttons into that directory, it should ask you if you want to overwrite, say yes.
                If you get any problems or don't like the look you can overwrite the images folder with the original you got in the

                I wouldn't be worried about asking mate, I hadn't got a clue when I first got it but you will find people here more than willing to help you get it all running smooth. BB
       For Xbox360 Wii-u PS Vita 3DS iphone ipad Android Devices And More


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                  you know what, I knew it was going to be simple. I always expect things to be so much more difficult then they really are.

                  I thought that there was some kind of coding that needed to be changed in the scripts or something.

                  I just loaded them and they look great.
                  Thanks a million for your help.

                  BTW. I downloaded those actions that you made in photoshop 6, but I can not see anything. I do have PS6 but nothing is coming up. And where can I see an example of what they do?

                  p.s. check out my forums at
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                    It is not working !!!

                    The Action file for PS 6 is giving me this message when I rune it:

                    "Could not write the file because the file was not found"

                    I have followed the instructions step by step but I dont know what is wrong !!

                    can some one advice what to do

                    Thanks in advance


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                      Here is the program I am using now to do button gradient changes. It also allows you to add as many as 8 additional top buttons. If you have not checked this one out you are missing out. A great program in my humble opinion (maybe BB is the God of PS ):

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                        has any1 got the instructions for photshop actions in PS7??

                        Thanks in Advance
                        Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


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                          thank you BaldBouncer you da man, youve made my life sooo much easier

                          I just made some buttons for lol, they think i spent a life time on them

                          and on my site

                          Thanx again


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                            i had to re-install photoshop 6 cause it would not work with 7 for me


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                              erm ok bimbo warning
                              i have 13 sets to make and i'm not exactly following all the instructions with ease and i can't find where the pre set colours are(although that i'm not fussed with) i can't get the background of a button to work with a black board..i don't know how to change it i can get the gradients etc sorted but i get a white boarder around my button which so doesnt work on black vb boards..somebody please help me and remember i am a bimbo on the pc


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                                The link to the action is'nt working anymore -_-.


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