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  • Two Issues Outstanding...

    I'm all but done hacking my new vB to where I like the appearance of most everything. I've run across a couple of things that I'm not sure how to fix.

    1. In the message composition screen, I would like to change the layout so that there are 14 message icons in each row instead of the default 7?

    2. On some status screens, there is a vb_bullet.gif image that shows as a broken image pointing not just to the wrong image in the wrong directory, but a fully qualified link pointing to the wrong host altogether. Where do I modify that image's behavior? I can see in the template that it references the {imagesurl}, but all the other images work properly, so I'm not sure where this one is getting its information.

    I suppose I should disclose that this is a 2.0.1 vB forum into which I have imported the contents of a UBB 5.45c board. Thanks in advance!

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    2. go to your admin cp and edit the bb url.
    when you installed your vb you had make a mistake here.


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