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Need help tracking down a gap in the 3.6 default template.

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  • Need help tracking down a gap in the 3.6 default template.

    Hi all, first post.

    I just got my vbulletin installed today and have begun the arduous task of reskinning it to look like the old forum. Things are going all right so far just using the admin panel, but I've already got stuck on something:

    My forum's logo image is designed to be centered, and to run all the way up to the top of the page (ie, it stops where your browser's various controls start).

    I got it centered in the header template no problem. However, there's a nice little gap of empty background color between the top of the logo image and the top of the page. The gap's a little larger in IE than in Firefox, and I want it to go away entirely.

    I've tried fooling with cellpadding and cellspacing in the CSS editor, no joy. I can't seem to locate it in the header template either. Is this some kind of hyperlink spacing issue, or am I just blind and not seeing the obvious answer?

    Anybody who knows this one off the top of his/ her head will be much appreciated, thanks.

    *edit* OK, by viewing page source I've got it down to probably being a marginwidth thing. Clue on how to edit that in the CSS editor? Or should I do it by hand?

    *edit again* OK, found the body tag in the css editor. Needed to brush up on CSS syntax, problem solved. Sorry for jumping the gun with this thread.
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