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  • Forumhome problem

    I have installed a vb style (element) and in its instalation notes I read a part that I think maybe is related to my problem... the problem is this FURTHER tr upon of my forums list:

    and related part of my style instalation:
    While you are still in your forum "AdminCP" go to the "Forums & Moderators " section from the menu on the left and click on "Forum Manager".

    Once the "Forum Manager" page is loaded click on your "First Forum" e.g. "vBstyles Area"

    In the new page, at the very top, next to your forum name take note of the "Forum id " and remember it.
    For example, in this case the "Forum id" is "1"

    Close the "Forum Manager" and go to the "Styles & Templates" section from the menu on the left and click on "Style Manager".

    In "Style Manager" look for your new skin and from the drop down menu choose "Edit Templates" e.g. Aria.

    From the template list browse to the "forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost" template and click "Edit"

    At the very top of the "forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost" template look for the following code:
    <if condition="$forum[forumid] == 1">

    Replace the number "1" with the "Forum id" number that you have saved from the "Forum Manager".
    In our example the number in the code above and the "Forum id" are a match so there is no need to change anything.

    Click "Save" to complete the Installation.
    u can see it live here:

    thanks alot

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    You will need to contact the style author, or post in the appropriate support thread on the relevant site for support for this style.
    Kerry-Anne :)

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