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Simple 'styles' question! pls help!

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  • Simple 'styles' question! pls help!

    Im new 2 vbulletin

    I just downloaded a style from one of these threads in this forum! I uploaded it and now all I want 2 know is how do I apply it all throughout my board?

    I have just started customising the board btw

    Pls help!

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    MOnkey service!

    Nice to know ppl are very helpful in here! not a single reply in 24 hours! BTW I have sorted it but I dread having any probs in the future as this support forum is a waste of bloody time!


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      Look around in each forum's options. There is an option to specify what style each forum uses.
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        24 hours is hardly long.... especially for questions that have been asked millions of times already... oh, and there's a manual too... you might just wanna check that one out (you never know what you'll discover)
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          The online manual was the first place I turned to as you would.. I coud'nt find any mention of styles and templates whatsoever so Im assuming its not covered in there unless its slipped passed me when I was checking!

          Care to give me the direct url to the 'templates and styles help pages' if they exist? would prove very helpful 2 me indeed!

          btw - In my eyes 24 hours is considerably long cos when I had a UBB board - they use to answer my questions within an hour! at their suport board!!


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            Originally posted by Lukman
            btw - In my eyes 24 hours is considerably long cos when I had a UBB board - they use to answer my questions within an hour! at their suport board!!
            Then go back to UBB. If you like their service better, no one's stopping you from going to them.
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              I am sorry that your question was overlooked. I personally don't see 24 hours as being overly long but opinions vary.

              The overlooking of your question was simply an oversight. This happens at times because we are only human.

              To apply a style to your entire system you will have to upload it as the "Default" style. If you want it applied on a forum by forum basis, you can edit the configurations of your forums as needed.
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                Or you could just modify the Default style properties and have it point to the Replacement and Template sets of your choice.

                Admin CP -> Styles -> Modify -> Default -> Properties

                Also, the next time you might want to actually search these forums for an answer. I've posted this exact answer several times already. I generally avoid replying when the answers are readily available through a simple search.

                vB search is a wonderful thing!
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                  The reason I came to Vb is because it is more powerful than UBB so I would never "demote" my forums back to UBB! I think Vb is undeniably the best forum software on the web! go vb go!

                  Thanks for the helping replies - I figured how to apply the styles throughout the forums soon after my second post in this thread!


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                    Aren't stuff like this in the User Manual?


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                      I dont think it is - prove me wrong someone?


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                        I have had record response from people here the times I had problems - as recently as last night - a Sunday night late - I got answers and quickly. Within minutes. 24 hours for an answer to a question on a bulletin board is not at all unreasonable. Being specifically a support board, I would hope for 24 hours - 48 or no answer might get me anxious.

                        I agree that the Search feature is very good and I use it extensively. I 'got stuck' last night precisely because I didn't spend enough time searching and looking for other posts relatred to what I wanted to to. I read a few threads and tried a change which I have (had) neither the experience or knowledge to do. I stopped short on research. I've been here for a few hours tonight doing searches and reading threads and I'm about ready to try what I wanted to do again. In fact, I'm reading this thread as I found it through a search!

                        As far as a manual, there is a big one I haven't gone through. To me it's like setting up a web site - you have to have some 'basic' knowledge. Not everyone can download vBulletin, install it and that's it. If you're html ignorant, php and mySQL will tear you up. Most, if not all, server software like this is subject to some basic knowledge of what you're doing and how the system works as a whole - how things interact and such.

                        I want to briefly commend the folks here who do answer questions. I have found threads that are so detailed and simple addressing issues I had run into that I pretty much look to these forums themselves as my 'vBulletin manual'. If you do your research through searches and reading, you're going to find what you nedd in almost all cases.

                        In fact, on my board I think this is a factor in the number of new posts being low. It's pretty technical so most of the questions have been answered at one time or another - if people use the search feature they find what they need and don't have a need to start a new thread with a question that was answered in a thread last week. I 'push' people to do searches before they start a new thread on a subject / topic. I often reply with a link to another thread (I do a brief search my self) and say something tactful about how a search is helpful in finding answers to questions.

                        After UBB, vBulletin is heaven. Much more complicated, but better written code. I'm new to vBulletin, so I don't know how upgrades will go, but I stopped upgrading UBB at 5.43 (if I remember correctly) because every upgrade introduced more bugs than the last version fixed. And - they really upped the price.

                        Again, my thanks to those here who answer our sometimes stupid, often seriously repetitive and sometimes simple questions.
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