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How do i put those reply, profile etc..

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  • How do i put those reply, profile etc..

    Hi how do i put those buttons like, profile, pm, www, etc

    in the top of the message and not as default at the header of the message??? thnx

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    edit your postbit templates
    What do you Listen-To?

    i <3 vBulletin.


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      Originally posted by mister
      edit your postbit templates
      I tried but i get errors


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        please someone?


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          I am not sure I can help you, but I can't figure out what you mean either.

          Take a look at what I am working on and see if it gets anywhere close to the changes you mean:


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            no, i want to have the post buttons at the top not at the low


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              Take a look at the table in the header template below.

              The src = "images/vBulletin_logo.gif" ie, imagesfolder image is pushing the row down.

              What you need to do is add a </td><td> (a column) before your buttons. The add a </td> after them.

              That way they will go to the right of the gif, inside the table, but not below it. You can work on it from there. Try putting a valign="top" in the <td>. But may need another table or other coding to position it inside the first table, etc.

              <!-- logo and buttons -->
              <table border="0" width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
              <td valign="top" align="left" background="images/menu_background.gif"><a href="index.php?s=$session[sessionhash]"><img src="images/vBulletin_logo.gif" border="0" alt="$bbtitle"></a></td>
              <td valign="bottom" align="right" nowrap background="images/menu_background.gif">
              <!-- toplinks -->
              <a href="usercp.php?s=$session[sessionhash]"><img src="images/top_profile.gif" alt="Here you can view your subscribed threads, work with private messages and edit your profile and preferences" border="0"></a>
              <a href="register.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&action=signup"><img src="images/top_register.gif" alt="Registration is free!" border="0"></a>
              <a href="calendar.php?s=$session[sessionhash]"><img src="images/top_calendar.gif" alt="Calendar" border="0"></a>
              <a href="memberlist.php?s=$session[sessionhash]"><img src="images/top_members.gif" alt="Find other members" border="0"></a>
              <a href="misc.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&action=faq"><img src="images/top_faq.gif" alt="Frequently Asked Questions" border="0"></a>
              <a href="search.php?s=$session[sessionhash]"><img src="images/top_search.gif" alt="Search" border="0"></a>
              <a href="index.php?s=$session[sessionhash]"><img src="images/top_home.gif" alt="Home" border="0"></a>
              <!-- <a href="member.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&action=logout"><img src="images/top_logout.gif" alt="Logout" border="0"></a> -->
              <!-- /toplinks -->
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                I think he wants it like this:


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                  Yes, I see now, he is looking at each message posted, not the whole page.

                  I guess my set-up just defaulted to the bottom of the page like on this board too (I didn't make that change).


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