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navbar code, not working outside $navbar. Please help!

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  • navbar code, not working outside $navbar. Please help!

    I cannot get the navbar code to work outside the navbar template itself.
    I know that the reason it is not working, is not because I have duplicated the navbar, as it works fine to duplicate the navbar code endlessly, as long as it's inside of the navbar template itself.

    The problem is that the code does not function, when I'm logged in or do log in, neither the navbar menu or the PM section is changed, and it looks as if I'm still logged out, even though I am not.

    Anyone know if this is "fixable"? If so, how?

    (I know I can just edit the navbar template with whatever I want.. but I don't want to have all of the navbar code in the navbar, as I want the parts in different places)
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    If you're talking about the breadcrumb, well you're right, and its designed that way, the links and login stuff will work else where though.


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      For me, the links and login does not work there.
      The breadcrumb I haven't tried yet.

      As for now I just used the navbar template, and placed it above the header. (it's where I want it.) But if you say the breadcrumb doesn't work outside either, I have no clue what to do next.. as I want the breadcrumb below the header.


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        Paste the code you want to use in the html or code tags and tell me what template youre trying to use it in.


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          Originally posted by Zachery View Post
          Paste the code you want to use in the html or code tags and tell me what template youre trying to use it in.
          The whole code in the navbar
          template: custom

          placed: above the header in forumhome (just to test)

          ..You'll see what I mean.


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            Wait, you are tryiung to place the $navbar varible into a custom template?

            By default vBulletin does not export custom templates into varibles for use.


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              no, the CODE of the navbar template. Not the $template.


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                As I replied in your support ticket doing what you want requires modifying the code. We cannot officially support code modifications or forums running modified code, however you can try searching or asking for help with this over at
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                  Duude.. I thought I was over at ^^


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