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If I made a VBB Graphic site...

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  • If I made a VBB Graphic site...

    Would people use it? I noticed there really isnt one. Would have everything from buttons, smilies, avatars, etc. But all targeted at the VBB.

    Just wondering if people would like this site to exist. Or even more important, is someone else already working on such a thing? If so, I will not tread upon their domain.

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    Yes that's a very good idea. I'd even be willing to host it ( or something like that).


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      Yes I was aware of that site. But besides that, there isn't much else. Except going to UBBDEV. But that of course isn't targeted for us VBB users.

      Regardless I think I'm going to get to work on this. Will think of a domain tomorrow and purchase it and begin the design. Ill show the layout at sitepoint for critiquing before I begin coding, and/or the system for how I will update and keep track of the graphics.

      Id like to have all the normal buttons in all different colors (making it easy on the lazy people who dont want to customize with the devkit), and anything else we can think of.

      Thanks for the offer on the server Tubedog. I have my own server that is literally just sitting there right now. I paid a year in advance over at hostrocket, and the site I was building fell through.

      Im actually excited about this. Glad to give back in anyway to such an awesome product.


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        Just make sure you use "vB" and not "VBB" or I will have to lead you to a slow painful death.

        I'd suggest,,,, or something along those lines.
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          I will be purchasing it tomorrow. (Left my wallet at girlfriends, go figure!).

          I don't know why I keep saying VBB. lol Must be habit.

          ::::::Pounds VB into Head::::::


          PS>Please if someone else is working on this, PLEASE let me know.


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            There is another thread on this at Site point here.


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              This is a great idea! Keep us informed about your progess.
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                excellent idea

                I look forward to contributing to its growth. We need to get a major, searchable by keyword description smiley database going on...

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                under extreme construction



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                  Jennifer> Definitely! A search feature will DEFINITELY be implemented. Its extremely important.


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                    c-prompt - can you email me again please. I got your email earlier, but then my mailbox decided to delete it


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                        Good luck with the site, whatever happens I will still get those sets (on my site) up to the full color compliment as soon as my health is back to 100%

                        I have just come out of hospital, very poorly, much better now but still not 100%

                        Good luck, you will need it, that is going to keep you VERY busy!!


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                          Don't worry Nutrocker, your site will be linked directly and I will never take your creations unless you want me to add them to the database.

                          THis is meant to be a resource for it all. Buttons, Icons, Smilies, and even Avatars.


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                            No problemo

                            I was not worrying at all Just thinking ahead of the task you setting yourself EEK

                            Let me know when you are close to going live and I will include your link on all the vbulletin button pages

                            As for my sets, help your self to what you want, there will be quite a few pages once I get finished! EEK

                            I just wish there was a way to get the dev kit for the new version without having to download the whole Vbb software and purchase it etc.
                            Go on and embarass me and say there is! LOL

                            Then I could have a go at creating some sets for the new version And so could many others out there.


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                              Will do. Design is almost complete right now. Im not aware of a way to get the devkit without purchasing. You could always take an existing gif or jpg and use it as a base and recreate one from scratch and use the psd from then on. Thats what I did before purchasing.


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