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    Thanks alot!


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      This Rocks

      I finaly had some time to play with color customizing this weekend and thought something like this would be VERY helpful. I had planned to make one myself, but decided to see if someone had beat me to it.

      Looks like they did.

      Thanks tubedogg!


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        man that was a smart Idea thank you.

        man that was a smart Idea thank you.
        Owner of the Web-Silver Network.


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          man just what the vbb doctore ordered


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            How many not used this yet??!! ''Must Have''

            Originally posted by Jeremy Lancaster
            PLEASE HELP: I have gone to three color web sites and have yet to find a single site where I can take a basic coloe, such as blue, and lighten it up with over 50 shades. Most sites only offer a few different tints of blue that are STILL blue.


            Suggestion ... and this has helped me a lot .......... go get or find a small mini app called Colorpad ..... only 135k ..... in fact I can easily send it if you want ........ just email me ........

            It allows you to set up any RGB combination and gives hex val at bottom. If you move mouse to left or right of the hex value you'll go thru a whole hue change on a common theme ....... excellent for gaining a complementary range of cols. That'd do good for the blue problem.

            At my site I have used this method for three variants on a green theme ...... all based on one initial RBG combination ..... then that ''ratio'' is maintained thru the hue range.

            Other vitally good feature ....... put mouse cursor over the small col window in Colorpad, left click and wait briefly .... a cross appears ... keeping left mouse button down ... drag this anywhere on screen and get immediate col readout from any pixel!! It's an ''eyedropper'' facility that's all but .. so easy.

            Hope this helps many .. it sure makes my life easier ... full marks to whoever made this little utility.


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              As colorpad is very hard to find and download, I found out this nice page with a lot of freeware proggies:

              Color pickers & web utilities

              Hope helps.


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                That sounds familiar to colorcop, a great little application that I don't know what I did without. It is less than 50k to download and you can find it here..


                and a bunch of other useful tools at



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                  Thx Pfil ... yes I have now got Colorcop .. great lil app'

                  Point I'd make tho re colorpad ... if you set up your RGB ratio ... then dragging left or roght on hex value arrows gives whole hue range .. that's v useful for picking complementaries for a site.


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                    I downloaded Colorcop just to take a look, but I still prefer Huey.


                    Automatic insertion of generated HTML code directly into your existing web documents
                    Right-click menu support for FrontPage colours
                    Select foreground, background and link colours
                    Save and recall colour schemes in a snap
                    Intelligent cut and paste
                    Support for 216 colour Netscape "safe" palette

                    & more.

                    Just a suggestion


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                      Must take a look at Huey.

                      I had a request from [email protected] for a copy of ColorPad ...... which I duly sent.

                      Not a word of thanks in reply ......... now that pisses me.!!


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                        thanks ACB

                        A quick search for ColorPad shows that they were being hosted on a site that went down in Oct.
                        Any chance I can get you to send a copy to me here

                        It would be greatly appreciated ...

                        Thanks in advance !!



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                          Sorry .... missed your post until today .. will email and attach for you ........


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                            Originally posted by ACB
                            Sorry .... missed your post until today .. will email and attach for you ........
                            Received the email!
                            Thanks again,


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                              I was looking to find tan colors and thought to bring this post back to the top.

                              Good job tubedogg! i was going to write it out like that for my records.


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                                hey i like the color cop!


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