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extracting template/style possible?

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  • extracting template/style possible?

    I have an old database (v3.0.0.0 beta 6) that I need to upgrade. I am able to upgrade it to my new 3.5.4 version without a problem.

    I also have a 3.5.4 style on another forum that has many admincp tweeks made to it after importing the original xml style.

    I want to be able to upgrade my old database, then import a style from another database. If I import from the original xml, I lose all the tweeks I made to the style. Is there any way to export my hacked style from my second forum to an xml doc so I can then import it into my newly upgraded database?

    I really hope that makes sense. Thanks.

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    In vBulletin 3.5 you can export the .xml style and download any custom images. Then login on the forum board where you need this style and import it.

    Admin Control Panel > Styles & Templates > Upload/Download Styles.
    This section allows you to import/export styles in .xml format.

    Here's more information from our online documentation:


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      Thanks while I was waiting for a reply I went looking through more of the adminCP and found that exact tool. It was a bit confusing because the download and the upload are on the same screen, which was what threw me and why I missed it the first umpteen times I looked at it.

      I used it, though, and it worked like a charm and I got my new style applied to my old forum without a bit of hassle.



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        That's good news and yes, new things can be a bit confusing. Thankfully we offer free support and online manual to help you out.

        Good luck with your forums and your styles.