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What to do if smilies have a white background on a dark skin

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  • What to do if smilies have a white background on a dark skin

    I just got a new skin designed for my poker forum which will be going online in the next few days.

    The background of the skin is darker than white and there is a white outline around the smilies, is there any way to remove this?

    John Diver

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    You could re-do the smilies with a darker matting, my vBulletin 3 dark style has a black matted smilie set. You could also switch to a smilie set that has no matting.


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      Unless somebody paid for theirs (and most don't) just find a board with a dark background and dl theirs.


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        Uh, no lets not pratice pirating others hard work. You need to get permission from anyone to use thier graphics.


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          I meant to ask.
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            Simply request from the author to re-do the images and save them out to the approriate matting background colour (the same colour as the background to which the images are being placed upon).

            I save images (previews in a white matte) because it's the most common colour people use but a simple request to the author would give you images that eliminate the white matting and resolve this issue for you.

            Basically what Zachery said.
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              Not sure if the forum decorum here states its better to resurrect a fairly old thread or start a new one, but I figured I start this way.

              Our forum uses the stock vB smilies and buttons (indicating new threads/post to forums), etc... and they ALL have the problem of having a white outline around them that shows up and looks pretty bad in any color set that has any darkness what's so ever.

              Is there an alternate stock set available that has opaque borders?

              We're very happy w/ vB but I have to say this makes the default icons/smilies/buttons look cheap/crappy.


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       has plenty of free icons/buttons that will fit most any background. Seeing as how your current 'stock' images will have to be replaced, it may be better to just use some new images altogether vs same images w/ different background.


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                  Use pixelsmileys, and not those crappy looking ones (like for example these: ) ..that need toned edges.
                  With pixeled smileys you can just set a transparent background, and won't have to worry how the edges will look like.
                  Use a black border for these, as they will show good on all colors of backgrounds (on black backgrounds they just blend in better.. and on white, they don't look bad either).
                  <- amazing, unlike this ->
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