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    Looks nice, I'll probably use it. Minimalist look, nice and bright (not a big fan of the dark ones). Thanks!

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  • Rukbat
    Relatively new to vBulletin, previously used phpBB2, I have a question for adding this style...
    If i import the xml file won't it overwrite the one I'm currently using? I customized the default style for the 'public' forums on my board, but I have a hidden forum for admins and moderators that I want to use this style for to resolve a 'permissions' issue I'm having... using a different style is what the vBulletin techie recommended I do (use a different style for the hidden forum)

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  • HaYLaZ
    started a topic [Discussion] Haylazblue -Style

    [Discussion] Haylazblue -Style

    Simple style but very nice

    You can view a live demo here:
    You can download this style here:
    You can discuss this style here:

    import the xml file and put haylazblue folder to forums root

    One .zip is the images and xml file
    Other .zip are the .psd files

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