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  • template style heirachy

    i'm wondering... i'm getting into the position of running 2 sites of the same set of files, using different databases. in the near future, there will be 5, 10, even 20 sites running off the same files.
    i already know about all teh licencing, etc - so don't worry about that.

    What i want to know is: does vB have a heirarchy-type system in place for the style -> template.
    Why i'm asking is: i want to try and move the databases into one - and simply have all members for each site, in their own usergroup, and each site's template, in it's own style.
    BUT: because a majority of the templates don't change - i want to simply keep all/certain templates in a top/parent style, and each site that has it's own design/layout, use the parent PLUS only the templates in it's " style".

    i'm also posting this in the pre-sale questions forum on this site, here