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How can i change these things?

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  • How can i change these things?

    Hey guys,I'm having some small issues modding my vB templates.Well first of all i already made a completely unique template system for vB to match the new website i am working on.Everything works great but i am having a few minor things i can't seem to change.Hopefully one of you experts can give me an idea where to look
    #1)I would like to change the color of the white boarders and thickness of the white boarders in the above screen shot.I have looked all over the CSS but can't seem to find it which leads me to believe it may be hard coded in the actual templates.Not sure if i am right but in any case can someone point me in the right direction?
    #2)This one is probally more simple then the one above but i have been unable to find it.As you can see on the drop menu's near the bottom there seems to be an empty table.This table only shows up in the menu's inside forumdisplay and showthread pages of te forum.The menu's under the breadcrumb menu's work fine and does not have this.The second is the little white/grey border which is present around all drop menu's.Is there a way to remove it?
    #3)Last but not least are more white borders around the WYSIWYG Editor.
    Thanks alot for the time and hope someone can help me out i use 3.0.7 if anyone needs that info.
    I tried posting this in the general section but no one replied.I figured this section might be where the thread should have been.Thanks to anyone who can give me some tips/pointers on how to fix these issues.

    I tryed posting this over at forums but no one seemed to want to take the time to answer my thread hopefully you guys can help me to find these things.

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    What you're looking for is actually contained in some .css files in the actual file system.

    Open forumroot/clientscript/vbulletin_editor.css

    Alter the appropriate colours in there.

    And for the other bits, go to:

    Admin CP -> Style Manager -> Main CSS ->

    Scroll tom the bottom, and in the advanced css definitions box, find

    /* ***** define margin and font-size for elements inside panels ***** */
    .fieldset { margin-bottom: 6px; }
    And change to

    /* ***** define margin and font-size for elements inside panels ***** */
    .fieldset { margin-bottom: 6px; border: 1px solid #000000; }
    And that should get rid of the white.

    I dont know about the shadow under the menus.. I just think thats your windows settings that cause that?


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      Thanks alot man your the first person to actually reply lol I just have one other question do you know of a guide that can tell me exactly what CSS to look for?or perhaps the prefix to the css i am looking to alter?thansk again.

      Edit:Hey man thanks to you i managed to solve all my issues but one maybe you can once again point me in the right direction.In this image-

      under the quickreply WYSIWYG Editor you see a portion called "Options" with a white "kinda curved thick border around it.I am fairly sure this is somehow related to the CSS called "Legend","fieldset",or "frameset" but i can't seem to get it to change.I simply would like to reduce the thickness to 1-2px and make it a tan color.This curved board also shows up in various other parts of the forum such as around "smileys" hope you can help me with this final problem and thanks once again for your time.

      One final edit.I know that the white border i mentioned above is caused by this line of code.

      <fieldset class="fieldset" style="margin:$stylevar[formspacer]px 0px 0px 0px"></fieldset>
      the problem is i have the border color set to #000000 in the CSS so why is it still white?
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