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Plain Jane template with "NO" graphics?

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  • Plain Jane template with "NO" graphics?

    Hello good fellows,

    Just looking around to see if I can find a simple template with absolutely no
    graphics. I would like something that looks like this...Links for everthing.

    If you know of such a simple "no graphic" template, please point me in the right direction. Even the bot leaching vb3 google grabber template type look would be alright. But from what I understand, that template or style sheet is just for the leeches.

    Thank you,
    The Hoop
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    Closest thing I have at the moment is a Lite style thats in beta for 3.5, but it is in beta, and features are missing.

    My next step after getting more work done on that is an intermedaite style with no such graphics and mostly text links


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      Hi Zach,

      Thanks for replying. Hey, do you know if there is any way to do a "global replace" of all images with alt links?

      With my firefox web developer tools I can see all the images and tell it to view just alt links, but how would I do a global use all alt links and no images? That would be a start as long as I didn't lose the linkage. Jsoft should have implemeted this years ago. A simple switch in the admin to disable all images. Or a global replacement that removes the images and utilizes alt links. Something of that nature. All the graphics is a bit to much for us old folks. That and the servers are slow enough.

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        Maybe Kier could help. There has to be a global regex that would accomplish this.

        preg_replace('#<img (.*)/?>#siU', '<img \1 />', $template);

        One of those fancy commands. Help...



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          Light style

          The light style you speak of zachery would be great, I would upgrade to 3.5 because of it. Cheers!