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Edit CSS files directly... sort of!

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  • Edit CSS files directly... sort of!

    I was looking for a way to edit the style CSS file directly because the nice CSS editor is just a bummer if you know what you are doing and you're not on a fast connection/server.

    FYI, I use this process in my test locations where I can change conditions to an extent and I risk no valuable content. This is suitable for testing and developing environments, nothing else. Consider yourself warned.

    In CSS you have the ability to import styles and rules from other css files, simply by linking to the desired css file.
    So I thought I could use this to bypass the editor, and then editing my styles would be easy as pie =)

    So if you are a heavy css user, copy your css rules to a new file (and save it wherever you desire), delete them all in the CSS Editor and just place:
    @import url(path/to/the/file.css);
    in the last box.

    This way you can edit the file.css in your favorite text editor.

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    Alternativly, go to vBulletin Options in the AdminCP, the the Styles and Templates section. In there, you will find an option to convert CSS to a file, instead of pulling info from the database

    I did this on our development board, then just downloaded the resulting CSS file to make creating templates in Dreamweaver easier



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      Hi Alan!
      The problem of converting the CSS to a file is that you can't edit that file directly.
      In your case scenario, you probably had html versions of the forum pages so adding the css file there would be the logical step to edit css in Dreamweaver.
      The method I describe, allows you to work in loco and not on a static version of the forum.



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        My apologies, I have indeed never tried editing that CSS file directly. Out of interest, what's to stop you editing it directly? Does vBulletin not import any mannual changes to the CSS Manager when you open it?



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          Ok, now I'm confused

          I've just tested what I suggested (setting the forum to save CSS in a file, then editing the file directly) and it worked fine. The changes I made (changed the font size in .tcat to 171px and changing the name of the .tcat background to a missing file) worked fine. I now have HUGE text and a white background in my forum headers