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Is this possible without file modifications?

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  • Is this possible without file modifications?

    I would like to have the forum homepage run some javascript if a new announcement has been made since the user's last visit. Is this possible without file modifications? If so, then please tell me how I would do this. If it is not possible, then I will ask for help at

    I originally stopped using the built in announcements and used a forum because no one ever read my announcements. I think that this would be the solution to this problem. I already know the javascript I want to use (simple popup box telling you there's a new announcement), but I need to know how to check if I need to run it. Can anyone help?

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    I have no idea about javascript, I have too little experience with it. But maybe the timestamp for the lastvisit and the announcement creation date can be matched against eachother in a conditional, and if it is smaller/greater - load javascript, and otherwise it won't do anything.

    <if condition="variable_1 < variable_2"><script ...></script></if>


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      That sounds like it would work, but I looked and I can't figure out what variable names I need to use. If I can get that, then I should be able to make it. Can you help with this too?


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        The announcement table holds startdate and enddate as fieldnames, and post table has dateline as fieldname. Maybe its something like $announcement[startdate] > $post[dateline]

        Hm, we need someone with more skills in here!


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          Both of those values don't seem to work...hmmm...

          Well, VB has a built in system that makes a box pop up if there's been a new pm since your last visit, no? Perhaps we could adapt this code to checking for announcements?


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            Adapt code =


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              I guess that's what I'll have to do then.


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