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  • How do you make???

    Can you make pictures or others things into avetars?

    If so, how do you make them fit into that 50x50 size?

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    You can also use Paint Shop Pro... Image -> Resize.

    I don't want to turn this into a software war but for most beginning webmasters, using Paint Shop Pro is a inexpensive way to compete. It costs $99.00 and has most of Photoshop's features and can even use Photoshop Plugins. Compared to the $800 dollar cost for a new Photoshop license.
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      Dont get Photoshop 6.0
      Just get 5.5 if you want to create icons and such. 6.0 is very, very, very slow
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        I'm sitting on an AMD 700 Thunderbird, 256 RAM, 20 GB HD, GeForce2

        trust me, that's better then alot of corporations have, and it isn't exactly an outdated pc

        6.0 is just slow, has some very irritating changed (the brush panel, for example, is horrible).
        Consider having to work with slow program every day (as I do).

        IMO the pros of 6.0 do not weigh up to the cons.
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          Photoshop does have the LE version which is supposedly comparable to PSP6 and is about $100. My brother bought it for web designing he's doing. Photoshop in general just does too much for what I need it for, but then again, I'm not the artist in our little operation. (as is made painfully obvious at ) Then again, I think I'm capable of producing a decent website, unlike my employer ( ) I've been bugging them for about two years to let me do the corporate website, but they've hired a dude who thinks his design is great and no improvement is necessary. Of course, my employers bought photoshop for his use...and he uses it to create blinking animated gifs everywhere. *UGH* I'd love to get my hands on that website. (animated gifs *gone*, frames *gone*, general design *gone*) Personally, I use the Gimp, PSP3 and 6, and occasionally, I'll play with PhotoshopLE 5.


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