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    Thanks so much!
    That solved my issue at last.

    Strange the default settings specifies font sizes with decimal values. Go figure.


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      Since the guy who made this hasnt been on for a few months, anyone here want to make me a set of buttons?


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        You're talking about the standard buttons, right? What are your color values? You can either post your url or pm me.


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          Thanks to share it


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            I really dont get how this program works. Impossible to figure out. Everytime I try to make a button it says cannot find the psd. Where does it output it locally? Arghhh


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              Is it possible to get this working with CS2?



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                Originally posted by Stirpes
                Well, each time I try to run vButton, everything seems to be working well, everything is created, no errors during the process, but after the process is complete, the buttons seem to have some kind of malformation -- see attachments.

                Any ideas about why this happens? And any ideas how to solve this?
                Got the same problem here.
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                  Originally posted by Floris
                  I was able to run it once, now when I start it (even after system reboot) I get a Runtime error '383' "Text" Property is read-online.

                  I checked, but none of the files are read only.
                  try deleting the font.list file. worked for me.

                  Update: I also found a solution for Stirpes & mine problem: Try using float numbers (use "55" and not "55.5" etc)

                  Hope that helps
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                    Originally posted by ZeroSixty
                    Is it possible to get this working with CS2?

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                      Originally posted by FASherman
                      If you contact Delhaze and make a donation he'll send you a copy that works with CS2


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                        Can this be made a sticky thread please? It is a very useful tool for graphics idiots like myself.



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                          Has anyone been able to get it working with SP2 at all?


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                            I'm getting
                            -2147024894 Automation error
                            The system cannot find the file specified
                            I have no idea what this means, any help would be appreciated
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                              Does anyone know how to get into contact with Delhaze? I don't mind paying a small fee to get assistance. This is a great application, I just have to get it working first.

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                                Originally posted by Delhaze
                                PSD files must be in a folder called psd in the same folder as the vButton3 CS.exe and follow the same folder structure as the original file.

                                Images are output to a folder called gif in the same folder as the vButton3 CS.exe and will follow the same folder structure as the vBulletin 3.01 images folder. (They will be overwritten on each run of vButton3)

                                When the program is first run it will create a file called font.list in the same folder as the vButton3 CS.exe. It will contain an entry for a single font, the default font used in the buttons - Tahoma-Bold.

                                If you do not have Photoshop CS you can change any settings other than font, and send (via a paypal donation) all the colour settings to me so I can create your buttons and email them to you.

                                Photoshop CS users can update the font list at any time by clicking the Update Font List button. Photoshop CS will then be opened and closed automatically while the fonts are read.

                                Changing fonts and font sizes will take some trial and error to get the best results.
                                Changing the actual text of layers is also a bit limited as the placement of the text within the button is fixed.

                                There are a few buttons that can change the RGB values about, which can give you a few quick variations on a current style.

                                You can save your current settings to a file called custom.vbf in the same folder as the vButton CS.exe using the save button and it will be loaded next time vButton3 is run.

                                You can also pick up Matte Class colours from a vBulletin 3 web page if you already have a style created.

                                Donations buttons have been included for both PayPal and Nochex so you can show your appreciation.
                                There are no psds!
                                You know you can't live without vBulletin!


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