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    Originally posted by Delhaze
    I can't create a script to control unknown layers in unknown PSD files.
    You wouldnt need to as the psd would be created by say the artists. It would just be really really handy if we could quickly put all the text into the buttons by adding maybe a new layer.

    No editing of the previous or existing layers would be needed here, only the creation of a new one to allow text / and or / icons for vB

    If you can do that then it could be possible and you would be a god lol


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      Works for me, to a degree
      No matter how dark I make my selections for the buttons, they allways come out in a darkish shade of grey, not the black / very dark ones I want.
      Anyone know why?


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        Originally posted by floleb7
        i got the same problem
        i just download the psd and i don't edit anything
        any news ?


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          I still have the same prolem, and awaits for a fix, but seems there will not come :\
          Strange that some have got it to work. I suspect maybe its cause of my additional fonts, but even on a separate computer I tried, I got the same error, and it has only Creative Suite and Corel Draw 11 fonts installed.
          I should try again, with one with only photoshop installed.


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            Same result with a Photoshop CS only PC :\
            Mismatch Type 13 on Large Text Buttons.psd file, when trying to "Edit Type Layer" (from History) on newthread.gif layer.

            Any possible solution to this?


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              I can't reproduce this error, so can't fix it.

              PM me with as many details as you can.


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                thanks for a reply.
                I will PM you with as much details I can give you.

                Edit: I have included a screenshot of the error, and a the font.list zipped, for reference.
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                  First, thanks for offering this!

                  I have the latest update of PhotoShop CS but I get a popup message that PhotoShop CS is needed. It opens PhotoShop CS, builds the folder structure, but nothing gets created.

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                    Perhaps, anyone knows??

                    I'm trying to tweak the colors for the "No New Posts" icon so I don't have weird off-color buttons / icons for differnet styles I have.


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                      I was able to run it once, now when I start it (even after system reboot) I get a Runtime error '383' "Text" Property is read-online.

                      I checked, but none of the files are read only.


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                        A different error...

                        Well, each time I try to run vButton, everything seems to be working well, everything is created, no errors during the process, but after the process is complete, the buttons seem to have some kind of malformation -- see attachments.

                        Any ideas about why this happens? And any ideas how to solve this?
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                          Awefreakingsome! Great work 'Delhaze,' thanks much!!!
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                            Thank you for this program, but it seems not to work with my CS (8.01) version (in French)... Is this problem comes from the update of photoshop ?

                            The error message is the following :
                            "Photoshop CS is required to make buttons"

                            Edit : i've tried on another computer and this error gone away... but i've had another one :-D The hawkin's one : "13 type incompatible".

                            Edit bis : i've found the solution :-)
                            You have to specify a correct font size ; exemple :
                            13 is ok
                            13,65 seems not to work.
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                              If one day you make another release, could you offer the choice to make gif butons OR png butons ? It would be great


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                                Hi there;
                                I am running into some problem right now. The program loads up and allows me to config everything no problem, when I click make buttons, it loads up photoshop just fine as well; however, photoshop just sits there and doesn't do anything. A few minutes later, it tells me that it needs Photoshop CS in order to run it... I checked and my installation is Photoshop CS Version 8.0. Is there anything I am doing wrong?
                                Best Regards,
                                Andy Huang


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