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  • Reputation explantion in FAQ

    I am trying to create and explanation in my FAQ section of my site explaining how reputations work. I was wondering if anyone else has put an explaination in there FAQ section. If so could you share how you explained it?

    Here is my explantion. I just hope it makes sence.

    "The way the user reputation works is based on other users in the forum giving you reputations points. If a user really likes the content of your post then they can click on the reputation icon and approve of you post and leave a comment. They can also disapprove of your post and leave a comment and take away reputations points. The system administrator does not have anything to do with your reputation. It is given to you by other users."

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    Someone asked about them in my forum, and I ventured an off-the-top-of-my-head explanation. It might be too wordy, but if it helps, feel free to copy and edit!

    Much like how other web communities self-moderate (Slashdot's "mod points" system, for example), reputations on this board are a way for you to give a thumbs up (or, hopefully never, a thumbs down) to your fellow members to tell the world, "This person is respected."

    On every post, there's a little "scale" icon. Click it, and you can mark it as being particularly helpful (or not). Over time, a member who's recognized by others' as posting lots of informative or insightful things will get a higher reputation score (more green squares). Also, the longer you've been a member, and the more posts you've made, the more weight your reputation input has. (There are rules governing the number of reputation points you can give other members and how often, however.)

    To see the reputation points (and comments) you've received from others, just view your User Control Panel.


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      I just saw a thorough Reputation entry in another forum's FAQ.

      Was this something they wrote, or is there a default series of Reputation FAQ entries that were added to the vBulletin package? If the latter, is there any way I can get an easily importable version of Reputation FAQs to add to my site? (I don't want to steal if it isn't official, and I don't want to neccessarily copy and paste even if it is.)


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        That is something they added. It's easy to make additions to your FAQ with the FAQ Manager in the Admin CP.
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          Thanks. I wrote my own for my site, taking cues from others and here. I imagine there's going to be a "stock" entry eventually, though? It seems an odd omission since it's clearly a vBulletin feature for which there are frequently asked questions.


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            I second this. I think I'll end up writing my own, but a formal "this is how it works, period"-type FAQ from vBulletin would be nice .


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