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Can't change Temp after upgrade to VBB3.01

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  • Can't change Temp after upgrade to VBB3.01

    Hi !!!

    I can't edit navbar, postbit or anything else when i click [Edit] ... it's return back to Style Manager .. pls help me to find out what is going on !!!

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    What did you upgrade from and which upgrade script did you run? The first thing I recommend is reuploading all of the vB 3.0.1 files and making sure you overwrite the ones on the server.
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      god !! ... im using VB3.0 Gold .. then follow the instruction to upgrade to VB3.01 ... (upgrade.php from install folder) ... and there is nothing problems while i upgraded the version 3.01 .. the only problem is i can't edit my custom template (inc the original one) ... !!!! problem seems just like the guy posted in VBB Troubleshooting & Problems !!


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        Please, at least reupload the clientscript folder and do a hard refresh, if this still does not fix your problem are you by any chance using suphp?


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          i just asking my hosting provider ... they said they were changed to suPHP ... !!!


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            Then you wont be able to use vBulletin 3, the best i can do is recomend you change to another host :/

            suPHP is currently not stable enuogh to run vBulletin, and it can cause a few other errors.


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              ... before i change my host i wanna confirm again about this problem by fresh install VB3 then see what is going on ... !!!

              thanks all guys !!


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                The problem will still exsist with a fresh install of vbulletin, it is suphp that causes the problems.


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                  so is there any host server that u can recommend me to use ? pls help !!!


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                    I suggest asking at either or posting in our vbulletin hosting forum.


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                      If I may, is really good.
                      They run a vB board for their support.

                      I've been very happy since I switched.
                      Andy Knifel


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                        they're using version 2.29 at their community forums ... !!!


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