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vBulletin Mobile Language Packs - Mobile Suite v2.4

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  • Wayne Luke
    The language files for Mobile Suite 2.4 are available. You can find them in the ZIP file attached to this post. If you wish to translate please compare your language file with the included English file.

    The complete process is outlined above.
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  • vBulletin Mobile Language Packs - Mobile Suite v2.4

    Our Mobile Applications as part of our Mobile Suite utilise a language pack.

    If you would like to purchase the Mobile Suite, and your board is in a language other than English, we will need to compile the language pack into our applications.

    Once a language pack is compiled into our Mobile Applications, this will enable all people that utilize a Mobile Application published by us to have the phrases in that Language.
    The App will render all vBulletin phrases in whatever language that is set by the end user - assuming it has been compiled into our applications.

    The process will be:
    1. Check if your language is already compiled for Mobile Suite v2.4.
      If answer yes, do nothing, the app will work in your language. If it is not, continue with the following steps.
    2. Download the ZIP file attached to this post.
    3. Open and translate all the strings to your language utilizing UTF-8 encoding within the relevant Javascript (.js) file
    4. Make a topic in this forum with the title being the language and app you are translating and note that it's for version 2.x (as these will not work with the previous version!).
      Example title "Italian - Mobile Suite v2.4"
      Please also post the 2 letter language code. List of codes found here.
    5. Once you have submitted, we will review, and assuming it is approved, we will compile the language into the next build of our mobile applications.
      We initially anticipate to update our applications every month or so, and will update you with when that occurs.
    6. If that all doesn't make sense, ask here.
    Last edited by Wayne Luke; Wed 25 Mar '20, 9:46am.

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