Here is my latest translation of the vBulletin suite version 4.1.7.

Installation Instructions: The .zip files contains the translations for Forum, Blog, CMS and Skimlinks Plugin.
If you use vBulletin Forum Classic only upload the "Forum" and "Skimlinks" .xml files.
If you use vBulletin Publishing Suite upload all the four .xml files.
In both cases, first upload the "Forum" .xml file, then the other(s). To upload the translations for Blog, CMS and Skimlinks Plugin you must select to overwrite the existing language at the option "Overwrite Language", not create a new one.

Also note that if you are using this language pack on a later version please check all updated phrases since variables in the phrases that have been changed in later versions might cause loss of functionality.

Any feedback is as always appreciated.


Download from here.