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Hebrew languages for vb 5 ?

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  • Hebrew languages for vb 5 ?

    where i can find hebrew languages for vb5 please ?

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    This language will not be supported officially, so you either have to find someone who has already translated vB5 into Hebrew (I couldn't find anyone) or you have to translate vB5 yourself, which is quite some undertaking, but not impossible.


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      I have not finished translating the whole of the system,
      but I translated most of the major things in the system
      and you can downloaded (for free) my translation from my web site.
      Unofficial Hebrew Translation


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        i do try to get the hebrew languages from you but for last 8 months you just tell me next week and tomorrow and again and again.8 months contacted you so many tell me to a prove you that i really have vb5 site by private messages.and i do so.i send you so many private messages.but you just play with after so long time i begging you for this file i still not set my site coz i do not have hebrew.same is with my other friends what contact you but you do same with him.can you please tel me'do you really have this hebrew languages for vb5 or not? can you share it or not ?
        i sent you today new private message in your website for last try,i hope you help as and will share the file
        i olredy tel you before.i do not have problem to pay for it.please help as

        thanks bro'and ,all the best.


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