Starting with vBulletin version 3 any language-dependent text is kept separately in phrases from the HTML layout code (templates). This enables you to create (or download) versions of the user interface translated into multiple languages other than US English, making your board truly multinational and language-independent.

We encourage our members to share their translations with other customers through the download forum. However, in order to have licensed members enjoy these resources and help others improve their language pack we have a set of rules and some information to consider.

  • Try to translate the latest version of vBulletin. This helps you avoid translating phrases that have changed or are no longer used, and it ensures that you have all the phrases.
  • Remove any custom phrase (custom phrases will show up in yellow). Custom phrases could be phrases that are no longer used, or are manually added through source code modification installations.
  • It would be nice if at least the front-end is translated.
  • You can submit your language as a language pack; This being a .zip file containing the translated *.xml file and/or any optionally translated buttons.
  • It would be nice if installation instructions in the form of a .txt or .html file could be included.
  • You are free to include credits and a link to your web site. (I.e. in the installation file or your post).
  • It is required to upload the language pack to our forum. (We will only allow links to downloads off of our forum).
  • Licensed members (Active/Valid) are allowed to make a temporary, private test-only forum to work on their translation. Be sure to read the license agreement properly to avoid issues.
  • Ignore e-mails and private messages from users who request to share the language pack with you, licensed members can download it freely from our forum.
  • Don't be shy in asking a question, our professional support team will assist where help is needed. Additionally you could read through some of the resources I listed below.
  • As long as your thread does not have a post reply with [Processing...] you can still edit your thread. Once it has that post reply you will no longer be able to edit your thread.
  • Every week Kerry-Anne will process as many language packs as possible to clear the queue.
  • Once your submission has been approved and published, you will not be able to edit it any more.
  • We also recommend translators to stop making builds for versions that have been announced as EOL, and to focus on the latest stable release.
  • We also recommend to submit the translations for official addons separately. So we can prefix the title with [forum] / [blog] / [pt]
  • Please note that custom groups, custom phrases, and unofficial addons are not allowed, and will be declined, or stripped from the release .xml file.
  • Also please note that we do not allow translation of the copyright notice. Please leave it in tact (English, default). You are however allowed to add your translation copyright notice, or credits, in the same phrase.
  • A return-submitters policy is in effect*

* New Submitters will be reviewed manually (for example, first time submitters)
* Trusted Submitters will be published quicker (for example, following guidelines and which have a good release history)
* Untrusted Submitters will be ignored and submissions will be pulled (for example, injected ads in phrases or other 'tricks')


Thank you for helping us and other community members by sharing your resources!