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Charset problems with Danish translation og vB 4.1.4

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  • Martin Mortensen
    Hi Anders.

    I'm using the "Admin CP > Language & Phrases -> Language Manager > Edit / Translate" option.

    Just tried to do it in the Phrase Manager, but same thing happens.

    Maybe I should try a diffrent MySQL server, might be my own server that has some kind of error.

    In the meanwhile, if anyone has a possible solution, please don't hesitate to post

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  • Anders P
    Hi Martin

    I have been doing translation to Swedish since even before version 3.x.
    For version 4.x I started a new site and thus made sure to have the database in utf8.
    I never had any problem with it when inserting swedish characters åäö.

    So I wonder why you have this problem.

    Were are you doing the tranlation?
    I normally use this: Admin CP -> Language & Phrases -> Phrase Manager
    Then I can easily see if all phrases are translated or not. (I of course always look up where a phrase is used in order to translate in the right context).


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  • Charset problems with Danish translation og vB 4.1.4


    I've started a vBulletin 4.1.4 translation project, to create my own Danish translation. But I've run in to some problems from the start.

    I'm using a MySQL database with utf-8 (“utf8_general_ci” according to phpmyadmin), and did a standard installation of vBulletin forum on this database.

    After the install, I go to the admincp and create a new language, setting the "HTML Character Set" to "utf-8" (also tried "utf8", "utf8_general_ci", and the default "ISO-8859-1").

    No matter what I set the charset to, I'm unable to add the Danish special letters "æøå" to my translation, and if I do, the sentence will stop when it hits the special letter.


    “Add as Friend” in Danish is "Tilføj som ven", but after I save this, the translation is shown as "Tilf" and nothing more.

    I'm not that in to databases and charsets yet, so I might just be forgetting something simple, but what?

    Hope someone can help me along, so I can start on my translation.

    Thanks in advance

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