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  • Little translation problem

    I'm translating VB4 in italian. This is a problem I've in the Album Section. If I go in the album and click the link to modify the pictures, the screen listing all the pics appear and in the right there are one radio button and one check box to set the album cover or delete the picture.

    In the attach you'll see how these appears after the translation. It's a bug or what?
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    Are you sure you have the default style?
    It seems you are using a mac.. i tried safari for windows...
    its even worse without tranlation.. the checkbox and the radio are half inside the editbox...
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      Thanks Luciano. I'll check with other OS and browsers...


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        Checked now with Chrome. The italian version is the same as the picture above and english version is correct. Anyone can explain?


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          It seems the space these two phrases can take is fixed so if phrases are longer than the given space they wrap on a new line (I have the same problem with my translation ). I think you should report it in the bug tracker so the devs can look into it.
          As regards what Luciano is seeing, maybe it is a problem specific of Safari? I cannot see that issue with IE7, IE8, Firefox 3.5 and Google Chrome. I believe he (or whoever else is having the same issue) should report that too in the bug tracker.


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            Basta usare le skin per le versioni aggiornate e non c'è nessun problema, quindi non è un problema di traduzione. Ciao

            Just use your skin for the latest versions and there is no problem, so there is a problem of translation.


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              This skin is of my creation as the translation and is suitable for the current version, as you can see there is no error.

              La skin è di mia creazione come la traduzione ed è adatta per la versione corrente, come potete constatare non c'è nessun errore.
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                You're not seeing the issue because your phrases are short enough not to wrap on a new line (I've just tested using your same translations for those two phrases). Try to make them just a bit longer and see what happens.
                Custom skins have nothing to do with as I'm seeing this problem in the Default Style.

                BTW, I've opened myself a new bug report for this issue, Andrea.


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