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Working on Swedish translation (vb 3.7.4 and blog 2.0.0)

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  • Working on Swedish translation (vb 3.7.4 and blog 2.0.0)


    I have been working on the translation of vBulletin since before we got the phrase system (the language was in the templates back then).

    Anyway, I've just submitted my latest version (3.7.4) and also the first version I have done of the blog (2.0.0)
    The vBulletin trranslation has almost all phrases translated (except the Control Panel Help Text phrases) and for the blog all except two phrases are translated.

    List of not translated phrases:

    vBulletin 3.7.4

    Phrase group Attachement / Image
    • [full_pictures]
    • [removing_x_records]
    • [starting_picture_id]

    Phrase group Control Panel Help Text
    • Most not translated

    Phrase group Control Panel Home Pages
    • [rebuild_bitfields]

    Phrase group Control Panel Options
    • [alignment]
    • [basic]
    • [datatype_bitfield]
    • [option_code]
    • [realtime] blog
    • [settings_bitfield_error]

    Phrase group Front-End Error Messages
    • [invalid_quick_set_action]
    • [invalid_selector_name_x]
    • [rebuilt_bitfields_successfully]

    Phrase group Plugin System
    • [hook_location]
    • [hook_location_desc]
    • [hooktype_cron]
    • [hooktype_threadbit]
    • [hooktype_threaddata]
    • [hooktype_threadfpdata]
    • [hooktype_threadratedata]
    • [plugin_order_desc]

    Phrase group SQL Tools
    • [found_x_duplicate_record_occurences]
    • [invisible_mode]
    • [overhead]

    Phrase group Style Tools
    • [historical]
    • [justified]

    Blog 2.0.0
    Phrase group Control Panel Options
    • [realtime]

    Phrase group vBulletin Blog Global
    • [snippet]

    I would really appreciate help with the last remaining phrases.
    In most cases I haven't been able to find the templates were these phrases are used, or not managed to find out in what context they are used (it is very important to translate in the right context).

    Anders Pettersson
    Don't send me requests by PM to email you the Swedish language file that I have done. My translation is only available here at to licensed users.
    If you want updates on when a new version of the Swedish language packs (forum & suite) are available, subscribe to this discussion.
    Don't PM me for support on how to install language files etc. please post in the appropriate forum, that will most likely give you help quicker.