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Greek Language Frontend Pack for vb 3.5.0 Gold

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  • Greek Language Frontend Pack for vb 3.5.0 Gold

    Sorry for posting the language here for download,it seems i dont have permission to post thread in vbulletin 3 downloads.

    This project is 50% done.The main greek language in the forums frontend(not the buttons) is almost done(90% coverage,need to translate deeper for 100%,*working on that*),you can see in the coverage of the language.

    NOTE: The Greek phrases are not as English phrases.What i mean is that for example English phrase:Display Order is like Dislpay order (Σειρά προβολης)in Greek language.The first letter is always uppercase when needed,the second word is ALWAYS lowercase.Both words first letters starts in uppercase does not exist in Greek grammar.Some Greek vbulletin administrators might not like that,but this is the correct way.Sorry for that.

    Translation is based on the "original" 3.5.0 Gold English .xml language pack,so 100% no errors guaranteed!Editor used is Editplus 2.0 so don't worry about errors.

    Me and my site cooperators working hard in this one.Lots of cigaretes,coffee and no sleep for this project to be done.

    We are currently working in the admin control panel.

    You can get the frontend xml from here.Just upload it in your Languages & Phrases->Download / Upload Languages.

    Sorry for posting the language here for download,it seems i dont have permission to post thread in vbulletin 3 downloads.

    Stay tuned cos we are going to release the full phrase pack including the admin control panel and aaall the others.

    If you find any translation errors,please submit it here.
    Thank you.
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    Hello predatorkill.Text is like this: Áêýñùóç

    How can I transalate?

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      Akuba,the greek transaltion will be posted by EvilHawk.He's doing it right now,i abandoned all my job when EvilHawk told me that he will make the translate.He had translated more phrases than me so his progress was better than mine.

      Wait a few days more and you will get a 100% translated xml file.

      The encoding errors you get might be from your server.Check if your sql is set to ISO-8859-7 and also check your admin control panel to see if you have setted the language encoding to ISO-8859-7 in "Language Manager" ->Edit Language->""""HTML Character Set This is the value of the 'charset' attribute for the HTML content type setting in the 'headinclude' template.<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-7" />"""-> ISO-8859-7.


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        Can I help?
        I have translated also certain phrases. Perhaps are not all right 100% but I believe that they can help.


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