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Dutch Translation Site Opened - Looking for Translators

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  • Dutch Translation Site Opened - Looking for Translators

    Hi fellow language translators,

    The web site is a .nl (Dutch) domain name but at the moment we only post and chat in the english language. In 2004 we will gradually update the site with language packs and in the last few months we opened up additional Dutch-only forums for vBulletin fans to chat about vBulletin in Dutch. I will do my best to explain it all to you with an overview of steps that we will go through.

    This is [2] The second Dutch Language Status Update, the Correction.

    Our web site will always be in English. Simply because the majority of our visitors don't know Dutch, but do know English. This does not mean that we will not include dutch forums and languages.

    With your help we can complete the language pack and get a public release and help many other sites that want to include Dutch.

    Here is an overview:
    1. Introduction (alpha) [ DONE ] Our staff and member base consists of a few members who help us to translate the vBulletin english language to dutch. We have started to translate in private and will now introduce the language to our members for feedback.
    2. Correction (private beta) [ NOW ] After we feel that we have translated the good majority of the language pack, and processed our member feedback, we will let everybody know with another status update. (a lot more info below this overview)
    3. Public (public beta) When the language pack is ready and corrected, we will make a first build and release this for download to the public. This will be a free download for licensed vBulletin members. We encourage them to provide feedback to help make a final build.
    4. Release (final version 1.0) Once we have processed all the feedback from users who installed it on their site and reported back, we will release a final build for that version of vBulletin. At this time we will consider our active translation period completed. The status updates will stop here, but future updates of the translations won't.
    The language team members:
    • floris (language manager)
    • mf (language manager)
    • you? (translator) > See below how you can help!
    I hope we have done a good job so far, will do a better job in the rest of the year and get a good language pack for vBulletin fans with your help.

    [2] [ Correction ]

    This is not an official vBulletin project; This is set-up on my own license!

    A fresh installation of vBulletin version 3 is in place at this location: where one could gain access by kindly requesting an account by sending me a private message here on Please only apply if you want to help translate a language, import the work you have so far, and don't want to download it and are willing to provide support when it is released.

    Once it has been agreed that a language is 99% completed we will release it here on and as unofficial language pack where we can try to provide support for the language, listen to- and process feedback and errors.

    What we do is on a volenteer basis. The package will include one file where credits for the participation will get mentioned in the form of your username (and if you want, contact details).

    A user who applies will receive a private message through the or site with a user/pass that works for the .htaccess popup and a user/pass that works for the forum and admincp login. We'd prefer if you do not disclose those details with friends, etc. for obvious reasons. Users who get access will receive administrator access to the board so they can login and modify phrases.

    It is not possible to download any language. When we consider a language (99%) complete it will be distributed through the and site.

    If there are multiple instances of one language, we will try our best to merge them into one to speed up work.

    Custom phrases are removed on sight.

    Playing with the board isn't allowed either, the board is meant to be translated on a 'clean' vBulletin release, this means that some functions will be made unavailable. As a result of naughty actions we are free to revoke access to the site at any given time without prior notice. We will also not be hold responsible for data loss.

    What we don't need to do:
    English - because it is the default language file packed with vBulletin version 3.
    German - because handles this.

    What we don't want to do:
    hax0r, 1337, msnch4t, etc - because we are only interested in real languages.

    What we do need:
    (additional languages might follow in or after May)

    Do you think you can help? Please send me a private message! (Licensed Members Only)
    (I will process only private messages and only once per day, so please be patient)


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    Good to see things like this

    im allready on it !


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      Hi there, thank you for your interest - your account has been setup.

      We have 5+ accounts setup now and merged a few .xml files into 1 bigger one.

      We are working very hard right now to get the front-end part ready and we are making progress. Hopefully we will be able to make a first beta release in May just as planned.

      Speeding things up would be great and if you think you can help by sharing your .xml file as you have it now, or want to help continue translation - please send me a PM and I will give you the details.

      Thanks everybody so far for their participation.
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        Where we are now

        Attached a .zip which is 5mb unpacked - it holds all 5000+ phrases that are in the english language pack and checkmarked are the phrases we have translated so far. Just to give an impression of how much we have to do and how much is done and still to do.

        If you have a language pack in dutch, and want to share it with me so I can import & merge it with what we have so far, we could really speed up things.
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          A little status update.

          We will give it another go this week to get as much done as possible and prepare for a public .zip file. We now have a group of 10 users working on the translation and got quite some groups completed.

          The site will also open this month and we will release a .zip this month - regardless how unfinished it is.

          This doesn't mean we won't be taking up new .xml files with already translated phrases into dutch. Every phrase that we can merge with is one more then we currently have. So please submit


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            Good to hear


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              Dutch language pack 1.0 released


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