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Arabic Lanaguage Pack for vb3.0 Gold

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  • Arabic Lanaguage Pack for vb3.0 Gold

    The file is translated by @ Arabic Lanaguage Pack for vb3.0 Gold

    see you

    Use this thread to discuss this language pack
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    I think it would be nicer if you offer the language to licensed members only by attaching it to the post.

    Thank you for sharing your hard work. Appreciated.
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      I Tried to attach the file, but it was too big 124 KB.
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        I've fixed that.


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          WOW! /me links this to my thread
          Director of Information,


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            Originally posted by Freddie Bingham
            I've fixed that.
            Thank you Freddie


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              thanks alot nawialkair

              jazak allah khair wa barak allah feek

              salam !!


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                You are welcome
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                  Yesterday, 4:14pm
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                  thanks alot nawialkair

                  jazak allah khair wa barak allah feek

                  salam !!


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                    nice job


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                      i really so thank u nawialkair for this great file

                      i hae upload it in my forum and every thing goes all right



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                        lyaleena, D7MeEe, dahdoh
                        Your welcome
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                          Download added to the vbulletin version 3 download section : Arabic Lanaguage Pack for vb3.0 Gold - this thread is now the discussion thread for this language pack


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                            Thanks for the nice work on that .. I been working on my own translation but I have not yet finished ,,,

                            I used that translation but I found alot of problems some are really bad. so I deleted it

                            1 Short day names M, T, W etc etc were not translated but more less phonicly changed with arabic letters but sound english

                            2 used grammer effect in the wrong places like ّ that was not needed and therefore it really changes the word

                            3 removed some variables to replace them with his own lines.. (I see thats bad) like the name of the forum is read from the settings via variables, but he instead removed that and just replaced it with his own forum name .. a novice will not know why his forum saying welcome to ala7lam forum to his new users instead of welcomg to his

                            also having to agree on rules of another forum while registering on his forum !!!

                            4 some translation was done word or word, like Child forum, relation to child etc etc
                            it was translated as baby forum, relationship with a baby etc. etc.

                            5 channging some greatings to show religouse greetings which are not what the original was.. I don't think that will go well for everone

                            these are just few points but there are more

                            I think this translation is not worthy to be listed here

                            with all due respect, you done a great job but you had done few things that shouldn't have been done... you may insert credits for your self thats no problem but to acutaly modify things thats changing the code not translating it..

                            I hope you'd understand.

                            I will be working on another true translation when done if noone done it I will post mine

                            translation should not be done word for word specialy between english and arabic languages
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                              Does this pack work for vb3.0.3?

                              thank you


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