Attached herein are dark styles for vBulletin 4.0.2. These styles do not contain any template edits. They were created by changing 269 stylevars. You can use these XML files to quickly colorize your forum without making any template edits.

Below are screenshots of the various colors: blue, gray, green, orange, purple, red, yellow.

blue3..png gray3..png green3..png orange3..png purple3..png red3..png yellow3..png

To use these styles on your forum, save the XML file to your computer, and then go to the ACP -> Styles & Templates -> Download / Upload Styles and use the Import Style XML File section to upload the XML file from your computer.

blue3..xml :: gray3..xml :: green3..xml :: orange3..xml :: purple3..xml :: red3..xml :: yellow3..xml

Note: There is a blank template titled colormap_shell_blank that gets added to the templates. At least one template is needed for the upload to work sans error. This blank template does nothing other than to prevent the error.