Steel Blue - The first in the Steel Series from the team at Shattock Solutions.

Style Name: Steel Blue for vB 3.5 BETA
Style Version: 2.5b

  • Automatic External RSS in headinclude
  • Forum Status Icons Horizontal
  • Rounded top and bottom corners
  • New Posts/Threads info in header
  • Easily configured Javascript counter displaying time since forum launch on Forum Home
  • Greeting conditional on day of week and time of day
  • Custom statusicon and several misc images
This is the 2.5b Release of the Steel series in Teal...for those of you who want something different to look at while you play with your 3.5 BETA.

Customised statusicon, buttons/misc and gradients folders included. To ensure any new 3.5 images are not broken, copy over any new /misc/ /buttons/ or /statusicon/ images to their /steel/ counterparts. The only new ones appear to be moderated.gif and moderated_small.gif.

Attached Files