Hey there vBulletin fans!

Here is the first build of a child style that you hopefully like, made for 3.0.x

It has no templates changed, so import it as a child style to your existing styles.

You can view a live-demo here: http://www.vbulletin-style.com/?styleid=38

You can discuss this release here

Want something more blue-ish? >> vBulletin-Style.com Style 001 - Nightshift
Want something more green-ish? >> vBulletin-Style.com Style 002 - Spring
Want something more yellow-ish? >> vBulletin-Style.com Style 003 - Citron
Want something more pink/red-ish? >> vBulletin-Style.com Style 004 - Blush
Want something more brown-ish? >> vBulletin-Style.com Style 005 - Autumn
Want something more purple-ish? >> vBulletin-Style.com Style 006 - Grape
Want something more black-ish? >> vBulletin-Style.com Style 007 - Office
Want something more blue-breeze-ish? >> vBulletin-Style.com Style 008 - Blue Breeze

Note: I did modify some images, but hopefully we can all work together to get more cool images? Contribute them and I will include them in the .zip!

Sorry, no screenshots at this time but a link to a live demo is in the top of this thread.

You can download the style from the .zip attached to this thread.
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