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Style: Way Out Blue

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  • Fataqui
    started a topic Style: Way Out Blue

    Style: Way Out Blue

    Style: Way Out Blue / vB 3X (tested on vB 3 Gold to 3.0.3)

    100% XHTML 1.0 Transitional Compliant

    Style Contents:

    1. wob-style.xml ( the style )
    2. wob-language.xml ( the addon vbphrases )
    3. PSD files ( header, button, quotes, navbar )
    4. help files ( explaining each install process )


    1. If you do not have PhotoShop, and would like me to create your header and navbar image logo and name, I will be glad to do this for you! Just post your request! The request should contain the following!

    A. Site Name
    B. button wording you want to use! ( New Topic, New Reply, Closed Topic )
    C. navbar wording you want to use! ( Search, User Cp, Links )

    2. If you need help with adding or removing anything from this style, just ask and I will help you. Only template and language phrases are included in this offer!

    You can test this style here...

    user: test
    pass: test

    Style Install Files:
    Style Image Dev:

    You will need a zip and rar decompressor to extract the files...
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    Last edited by Fataqui; Fri 29th Oct '04, 7:22am. Reason: Replaced zip file (style) forgot to make it XHTML 1.0 Compliant

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