I love the vBulletin Grey Liquid style. So, I decided to get [somewhat] creative and modify the vB3 Frontend Admin CP style to look like the Grey frontend style. All it is, is two color modifications to the CSS code.

NOTE: I did not create the images or CSS in the package. These were created by Jelsoft and I made a simple modification to THEIR CSS, and using THEIR images. I do not take credit for the images or CSS!

Screenshot included. I had to compress it 30 times and set the size different because of restrictions, so it looks weird. But you'll get the general idea.

The cplogo.gif image I have in the package is for the vB3 Default Frontend ACP style. If you want to make it look a little better, you can take the cplogo.gif image that you have in your Sliver style and put it in your folder for this style.

To install: Extract the ZIP file to your computer. Upload the folder vBulletin3_Grey_Liquid_Frontend to the cpstyles folder in your forum. In your Admin CP: Select vBulletin Options, and select Admin Control Panel Options, and under the Admin CP Skin option, select vBulletin3 Grey Liquid Frontend.

You can discuss this style here

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